Friday, June 19, 2009

Kalena Rios

Kalena had spent one year in The Life she arrived here in São Paulo 4 years ago.
She walked the streets from 7 AM to 10 PM, and had a pimp, a woman.
For a year, she was raped by a 19 year old cousin when she was 9.
See how life is in Brazil ?
She was raped during 1 year by a cousin who had 19 years old.

Yesterday she asked me to translate the lyrics of the song " Hurt " by Cristina Aguilera.
She almost cried in my arms when she understood the story, very emotional.
These little things are important, more than money.
Now she is going to take her passport to flee to Europe , a little further.
She is only 23 YO , and there's plenty of time for her.
And as she has already showed sometimes, when things go really bad for her
she knows who she will ask for support.
I don't mean only money. More that that.

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